nikki (dizzynik) wrote in my_mom_is_dead,

Out of The Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk 2007

Hello to friends, old and new. I am once again walking in the Chicago Community walk of the Out of Darkness Suicide prevention walk. I am walking in honor of my mom, of course, and of all people who I have known to lose their life to mental illness. My goal for this walk is big, 1500 dollars, but I know that with support and optimism, I will meet my goal, just as I did last year. This walk is very important to me, both as someone who lost someone to suicide and as someone who struggles with mental illness personally. I appreciate any help and support that you are able to offer. Please know that it means a lot to me, and although I can not thank everyone personally, I hold a special place for all of those who support me in my heart. I will think of you as I walk with my head held high, my mom on my mind, and my head turned towards the future and how much good I can do by raising awareness of this critical issue.
Thank you so much!
Nikki Albrecht

Greetings friend,

I thought you might be interested in supporting Nicole Albrecht in the Community Walk taking place in Chicago, IL on September, 29 2007.

This link will lead you to an area where you may support them

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